Frank W. Abagnale, Jr. 
Author of the New York Times Best Seller Catch Me If You Can

Arlene Alda 
Photographer, clarinetist, editor

Harvey Araton
Award-winning columnist, the New York Times

Greg Atwan and Evan Lushing
Editor at Newser, Harvard Lampoon alumnus

Jane Avrich
Hemingway Short Story Prize winner; Teacher, Saint Ann’s School

Elizabeth Bailey
Patient advocate

Allen Barra
Sportswriter; Author of Yogi Berra: Eternal Yankee

Jonathan Baumbach
Co-founder, Fiction Collective; former Chairman, Nat’l Society of Film Critics 

Gal Beckerman
Winner of the National Jewish Book Award and the Sami Rohr Prize

Ira Berkow
Pulitzer Prize-winning former columnist, the New York Times

Yogi Berra
10-time World Series Champion; New York Times Best Selling author

Joe Berlinger
Award-winning filmmaker of “Brother’s Keeper” and “Paradise Lost”

Kathryn Bertine
Pro cyclist, filmmaker; author of All the Sundays Yet to Come

Madeleine Blais
Pulitzer Prize-winner;
Mass professor

Bob Blauner
Professor Emeritus of Sociology,
UC Berkeley

Beth Bosworth
Editor, The Saint Ann’s Review; Teacher, Saint Ann’s; Winner, Drue Heinz Prize

Sarah Boxer
Former New York Times staff reporter

Rus Bradburd
Former NCAA basketball coach; Professor of English, New Mexico State University

Peter Breggin
Author of the New York Times Best Seller Talking Back to Prozac

Tom and Jerry Caraccioli
Identical twin brothers, co-authors, and sport publicists.

Margot Kahn and Kelly McMasters

Jack Cavanaugh
Sportswriter; Former network television broadcaster; journalism professor

Doc Lew Childre
CEO, The Institute of HeartMath

Leslie Cohen

Bud Collins
Boston Globe columnist; ESPN analyst; Tennis Hall of Fame; Red Smith Award winner

Andrew Lewis Conn

Amelia Davis
Prize-winning photojournalist

George Dohrmann
Pulitzer Prize and PEN Award-winning Sports Illustrated writer

David Duchovny
Award-winning actor, director, screenwriter, musician

Amram Ducovny
Novelist; Humorist; Playwright, "The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald"

Dimitri Ehrlich
Former MTV writer and VJ; Contributing Editor, Interview

Charles Einstein
Pulitzer Prize Finalist; Editor, Fireside Book of Baseball 

Carl Elliott
Professor of Bioethics, Univ. of Minnesota; Editor, The Last Physician 

David Evanier
Aga Khan Prize-winner; Former Fiction editor, Paris Review

Michael Feldman
Host of radio show "Whad’ya Know?"

Dan Gediman
Executive Producer, formerly of NPR

Frank Gifford
Hall of Fame football and broadcasting legend

William Gildea
Former Washington Post Sports and Style writer and editor

Lisa Glatt
National Best Seller; Mississippi Review Prize winner; Finalist L.A. Times Book Prize

Ari Goldman
Columbia Journalism School professor; author of The Search for God at Harvard

Martin Goodman
Finalist, Whitbread Prize for Fiction

Barbara Graham
Author, Women Who Run with the Poodles; Contributing Writer, “O”

Christopher Gray
Columnist, “Streetscapes,”
the New York Times

David Griffith
Creative Writing Chairman, PA Governor’s School for the Arts; Professor, Notre Dame

Lee Gutkind
Editor, Creative Nonfiction; Blakeslee Award winner; Prof. of English, U. of Pittsburgh

Meredith Hall
Pushcart Prize winner; Finalist, Rona Jaffe Award; Asst. Director, UNH writing program

Jane Hammerslough

Lowell Handler

John Heidenry
Executive Editor,
The Week magazine

W.C. Heinz
Legendary sportswriter

J. Gill Holland
Editor/Translator; Professor, Davidson College

Mark Hyman
Contributing Editor, Business Week; Contributing columnist, Sports Business Journal

Rickie Lee Jones
Grammy-winning singer/songwriter

Linda Kauffman
Professor of English, University of Maryland

Tina Kelley and Kevin Ryan
former New York Times reporter and head of Covenant House

Dan Kennedy
Arthur Rowse Award winner; Media Critic, The Boston Phoenix

Kostya Kennedy
Senior Writer, Sports Illustrated

Roger King
Prize-winning author of A Girl From Zanzibar

N.R. Kleinfield
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, the New York Times

Edward I. Koch
Former three-term Mayor of New York City

Amy Koppelman
Novelist, child advocate

Mark Kram, Jr.
Reporter, Philadelphia Daily News;
6-time contributor, Best American Sports Writing

Satish Kumar
Former Jain monk; Co-Founder, Schumacher College; Editor, Resurgence

Jeanne Marie Laskas
Columnist, Washington Post Magazine; GQ staff writer; Author of Concussion

Robert Lipsyte
Prize-winning, former New York Times sportswriter, USA Today columnist, ESPN Ombudsman

Bill Littlefield
Host, NPR’s “Only a Game”; Guest Editor, Best American Sports Writing

David L. Marcus
Pulitzer Prize winning Newsday reporter; formerly of U.S. News & World Report

Aspen Matis
Essayist and Riggio Honors student at The New School

Dennis McAuliffe, Jr.
Former Staff Writer,
the Washington Post 

Daniel McGinn
Award-winning former National Correspondent, Newsweek

Matthew McGough
Author of Bat Boy; former writer/consultant for “Law & Order”

Kevin Merida
Prize-winning Managing Editor,
the Washington Post

Michael Fletcher
Prize-winning editor/reporter,
the Washington Post

Larry Nager
Cincinnati Enquirer music writer

Hal Niedzviecki
Editor, Broken Pencil; Winner, Best New Magazine Writer 

Mark O’Brien
Poet; Subject of Academy Award-winning documentary, "Breathing Lessons"

Timothy L. O’Brien
National Editor, HuffPost; Loeb Award winner; former Editor, New York Times

Keith Olbermann
Award-winning commentator, reporter, writer, and news and sports anchor

Gregory Orr
Prize-winning poet; Professor of English at UVA; Editor, The Virginia Quarterly Review

Bob Ortega
Former Staff Reporter,
the Wall Street Journal

Katherine A. Orton
Staff Writer, the Washington Post

Annie Murphy Paul
Former Senior Editor, Psychology Today; Rosalynn Carter Award winner

Pamela Paul
Editor, the New York Times Book Review

Richard “Digger” Phelps
CBS and ESPN commentator; former Notre Dame basketball coach

Joy Pierson and Bart Potenza
Co-founders and co-owners of The Candle Café

Katherine A. Powers
Prize-winning columnist, formerly of the Boston Globe

S. L. Price
Award-winning Senior Writer, Sports Illustrated; Finalist, L.A. Times Book Prize

David Ray
Prize-winning poet; Founder, New Letters; Editor, Fathers: An Anthology

Beth Raymer
Fulbright Scholar; journalist

Kit Reed
Finalist, Tiptree Award; Novelist

Liz Robbins
Prize-winning Staff Reporter,
the New York Times

Sam Roberts
Award-winning New York Times reporter; Host, NY1’s New York Close-Up

Fiona Rosenbloom
Children’s book author

Constance Rosenblum
New York Times “Habitats” columnist; former Editor of “City” section

A.M. Rosenthal
Pulitzer Prize winner; former Executive Editor, the New York Times 

Bob Ryan
PEN/ESPN and Red Smith Award winner; the Boston Globe; ESPN’s “Around the Horn”

Ariel Sabar
Winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award for Autobiography

Richard Sandomir
Award-winning New York Times sports columnist

Bruce Schoenfeld
Two-time Emmy Award-winning journalist

Casey Schwartz
Journalist, former Newsweek/Daily Beast contributor

Steven Shainberg
Award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter of “Fur”

Neil Sheehan
Winner of The Pulitzer Prize and The National Book Award

Susan Sheehan
Winner of The Pulitzer Prize, and long-time staff writer for the New Yorker

Susan Silverman
Rabbi, social activist

Floyd Skloot
PEN Center Award-winner; Finalist, B&N Discover Award; Pushcart Prize winner


Charles Slack
Former Reporter, Richmond Times-Dispatch; Winner, ELLE magazine "Readers Prize”

Jill Sobule
Award-winning singer/songwriter

Shira Springer
Special projects, investigative, and sports reporter, “Fair Play” columnist 

Mike Stanton
Pulitzer Prize-winner; Reporter, The Providence Journal

Amanda Stern
Novelist; Host/Curator, The Happy Ending Music and Reading Series

Mark Swartz
Novelist; Art critic

Tristan Taormino
Award-winning former columnist,
The Village Voice

John Thorn
Major League Baseball’s Official Historian; Editor, Total Baseball

Anne Trubek
Professor of English at Oberlin College

Luis Ubinas
Former President of the Ford Foundation

Lesley Visser
Award-winning sportscaster and sportswriter; NFL Hall of Fame

David Wallis
Founder of; Editor, Killed: Great Journalism Too Hot to Print

Sharon Waxman
Prize-winning reporter, formerly of the New York Times and the Washington Post

Rex Weyler
Co-Founder of Greenpeace;
co-author of Chop Wood, Carry Water

Erin Cressida Wilson
Playwright, and screenwriter “Secretary” and “Fur”

Alexander Wolff
Award-winning Sports Illustrated staff writer; Founder, Vermont Frost Heaves (A.B.A.)

David Wyatt
Professor of English,
University of Maryland

Andrew Zimbalist
Nation’s leading sports economist; Professor, Smith College

Randi Zuckerberg
Entrepreneur, radio host, author of Dot Complicated